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Month: December 2011 (Page 1 of 2)

Happy New Year You Ous

Love ya. Mean it.

Cape Town is Racist

I followed the #CapeTownIsRacist hooha on twitter. I watched it with the usual dismay. Nothing like a sweeping statement to draw the lines between, around and through the general masses and get tail feathers ruffled. And then it got personal, and people started name calling, and dredging up articles that proved their point and rallied to make sure #CapeTownIsAmazing became the toppest trend.

And, I have to say, I got so completely sad; particularly from the most common white response, which was the usual absolute denial and defensiveness. “Cape Town is Not Racist! Eva!” “Not us! You!” “How dare you generalise?” And more, and worse.

This got me thinking. Why would anyone say Cape Town is racist if it wasn’t? What would be the point of that? Surely, it is safe to assume that if someone said it, that was what they felt. And how could any single white Capetonian get all high and mighty and declare it ain’t so? How the hell would they know? Now I am not claiming that it is or isn’t true. I just think that the decent thing to do would be to shut up and listen, take notice and care deeply that a black person would feel that. Then, I would try my hardest not to try and convince the world on twitter that it wasn’t true, but to understand, care and change things. It is our problem, whether it is a perception or an action. And shouting about it being not true doesn’t make it so. I am deeply afraid that the defensive bleating might end up proving the opposite; since that’s what it sounds like. It sounds racist to me.

There is a better way of making friends and influencing people, white Capetonians. Know yourself.

Wrap Up

I am shocked that it’s been 10 days since I wrote here last. It seems like I went on blog leave. It’s not that I haven’t had more than a few things to bitch about, it’s just that there have been one or two completely non-writable things I have been dealing with, and it makes it hard to commit to writing a whole post, so I have been fiddling about on twitter and facebook instead.

It’s also been a time of proper staying at home; hardly going out much, and being very selective about where and how and when. This means that things need to be worth it, or terribly necessary. I don’t get the point of leaving Christmas shopping to the last minute and then bitching about it to high heaven. Do it early, or love the craziness.

I normally love having a job at this time of year, and so I am feeling a bit at a loose end. Anyway, this is more like a status update than anything else, but I’m glad I popped in. Megan’shead is a very important place for me. So, to all of you, and you, and you, merry merry and see you on the other side.

Bad Borrusso’s

Ja, their pizzas are really, really good, but it’s not worth it. It was Big Friendly’s birthday yesterday and we met our friends the Noodles for pizza at Borrusso’s. We got there at 1830, placed our orders ten minutes later and got our last pizza at 1950. I kid you not.

We waited while all around us got served. We waited and waited and the children started gnawing their fingers. One hour and twenty minutes later we got our pizzas, one at a time, and the little girl’s one came last, ten minutes after the rest. It was a birthday celebration gone horribly wrong by the lack of attention of our waitron and the rest of the chaotic staff. Who has ever heard of the pizza maker having to “remake” a pizza because it broke? Borrusso’s you are over extended, and can’t serve your customers.

Moira’s back

A christmas message from Moira. Warning. Not for traditionalists.

Desperate for an answer

It’s no secret that I have been in a rage since I came back from London, and it’s all been about how SA theatre is a badly treated, abused, neglected, barely tolerated, under supported, hideous cripple in the room that needs charity in order for it to keep making its last gasping breath. I know you’ll think I’m exaggerating here, but I promise you, I am not.

My latest preoccupation and cause of my rage is how Rose Red has struggled for an audience during its run at the Kalk Bay Theatre. Now, I saw this beautiful gem of a show on opening night and raved about it. I was not the only one. From what I remember everybody, from blog to newspaper, had only great things to say about this show. The story is accessible, the performances are superb, the direction is fantastic, the marketing has been great. So I keep asking myself, what’s the problem? Why has it been so roundly snubbed by potential audiences?

And actually, I don’t want to ask this shit anymore, I just want to dish out blame. Am I wasting my time? Are we all just wasting our time, trying to make beautiful work for nobody? Why haven’t people gone to see this beautiful show? Why? Please tell me. Tell me why you haven’t gone.

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