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Damn Cricket

Big Friendly and I watched and listened to most of the damn cricket yesterday with that special sinking feeling reserved for the Proteas in a world cup scenario. And I have a conspiracy theory brewing that is round about the same size as the Hansie saga. They threw the game. It is the only explanation that I can come up with for what seemed to have happened.

Obviously, things go wrong on the day. That’s cricket. But when it is a long list of terrible I get that Hansie feeling. Bad and unlucky batting can happen to any team on any day, but really AB, what were you saving yourself for in the batting innings? And then please explain the Morkel over that killed us when clearly the spinners were up for doing the job?

I listened with growing dismay to radio 2000 as Peter Kirsten got more and more emotional about the bad decisions and their results. Eish, that loss hurt. And the worst part is that it’s all too familiar in a world cup scene.

Monnie and the Writing

It’s been a long hiatus but suddenly this morning I woke up with a Monnie on my mind.

Call for Rhinos

Today two more rhinos were found dead in KZN. Today the stats read that at least one (but mostly two) rhinos have been killed every day this year. It is beyond comprehension. We need to admit right now that all attempts at saving the rhino have failed. One thing I cannot manage is another picture of another smashed in, gaping, bloody rhino face. I cannot. Please hear my call. It is radical and outrageous, but I believe we are only prolonging the situation which will inevitably result in the hideous and most painful and savage murders of these animals. Let them all be killed today. Let it be as quick and as painless as possible. Any delays will only cause dithering and more suffering. Humans do not deserve to have these magnificent creatures on the planet that we have fucked up. It is over. I have said it before and I say it again. It will not stop until the last rhino is hacked. Let us end the misery today. The only way to get over this madness is to destroy all rhinos now, forever.

Braai or Burn

Dear friends, how is this for a braai wave? On Monday (Heritage Day) we will be performing Burn or Braai, a high intensity improv challenge AND we will be selling boerrie rolls before the show at The Intimate. Please let us know if you’ll be coming; we need to let the boerrie guy know numbers! 072 9393351 to book!

Big Girl Huge Heart Giant Talent

I don’t know how to write this to make you go. I don’t know which words to use to explain why I started crying last night during the opening of Big Girl at The Intimate Theatre, written and directed by Juliet Jenkin and performed by Daneel van der Walt, and why I couldn’t stop. And even now, thinking about it, I am feeling that familiar prickling. Is it because I haven’t slept properly (the puppies are a force of anti-sleep) and I am anxious about certain work stuff?

Or is it because this one-woman-show about Sylvia Smorkel is an extraordinary feat? This beautifully written piece is whimsical, harrowing, hilarious, cute and totally powerful, and it needs someone exactly like Daneel van der Walt to pull it off. She is unbelievable. She reaffirms her position in my list of top three actresses in Cape Town.

To be honest, I am not often comfortable with the portrayal of this subject matter on stage (I won’t spell it out here and be a spoiler) but it comes upon you so creepily, sideways-ish that by the time you are in it you are taken and Sylvia has moved inside you and is squeezing you from the inside and forcing rivers of tears out of your eyes. There is something so extraordinary, unusual and original about a girl getting bigger and stronger after doing some bad stuff. Usually women are victims and they get smaller after every moment that makes them prey.

So, for all the reasons this story is a little hard to believe, it is the easiest to believe, because of the tree, because of the atlas, because of this person who, even though she says it about lots of other things, is the saddest thing.

I am begging you to go and see this beautiful work. It will change you.

Lovely, light, laughing improv

Every now and then I end up being in an improv show that is so feel-good, so filled with inspiration, laughter, creativity and team spirit and just joyous. Last night’s TheatreSports show was that. And when it happens every single thing falls into place and my little universe’s balance gets restored.

To be honest, we have been struggling a little these last few weeks. Our group is very small at the moment, where improv has had to take a back seat for some who are busy with other stuff. We have also been struggling these last two weeks for audiences. We know this happens in waves, and on balance it is nothing short of miraculous that we have been able to sustain weekly (and more importantly) bi-weekly performances for almost twenty years. But traditionally, September and October are hard for us audience wise, and this year is no exception. Also, because our group is small we have a heavy workload to share. The usual.

So, when a show is delicious, it is made even more delicious by how it transcends our circumstances. In last night’s show we did an Ode to Grozevo (a made up country) where it is cold, and steaming, and rats are everywhere. My favourite scene was when I was the cockroach of peace in a Buddhist retreat. I loved watching the other team’s Voices From The Grave where they all died at a Toys R Us, Candice’s Johnny Clegg “take that!” stole the show, and my own personal highlight was a wombat slasher road movie. But there was even more, and we had great, fabulous fun and so did our audience.

When this happens we are spurred on, and encouraged and further inspired. Next week, to celebrate Heritage Day on Monday, we are going to have a braai before the show, so come early, and the show itself will be a take on the Sink or Swim format, called Braai or Burn! We hope to do something as fun and silly at The Kalk Bay Theatre on Tuesday, so watch this space (or our other spaces on @TheatresportsSA on twitter, and Improguise on Facebook).

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