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Poetry For Dragons – a response

A makeshift performance space where candle light is stage light
Where thinkers are feelers
and Shakespeare, deconstructed, is sung spoken
like a musical instrument.

I was lulled, full fathom five
and mesmerised
Until I found something very funny.
I think it was the weird brown rag costume…

but a voice pulled me back
And I cried for times past
When I had spoken “woe is me,
To see what I have seen, see what I see.”

Suddenly everyone looked like five
Statues of Liberty
And then they moved
And Frankie sounded against the song.

It suited my mood
This silly amazing
Where even the most guarded was

(Context for those who have no idea what I am doing. I have written a poem review in response to The Play Group’s Poetry For Dragons on at the Theatre Arts Admin Collective for the next few nights. Francesco Nassimbeni directs Joanna Evans, Lusindiso Thyulu, Julian Jansen, Kim Kerfoot and Jazz Levenberg)


Soap-a-thon is coming

Just this. So excited. Book now on


A FUNdraiser, heart warmer, eye opener

1236549_10200673323223198_507707605_n I am sure you can imagine the reluctance with which I dragged my sorry arse out of the house last night in the hard, cold rain, to go and emcee Dance For Natalie. It wasn’t only the blastingly unfriendly weather. It’s been so long since I jauled in Long Street I don’t even know the places, and I had visions of not finding parking and having to dash though downpours and giant puddles and Long Street dealers and derelicts just to get to Zula Bar. It wasn’t half as bad. I found a parking less than a block away and I managed to have a short gap of light drizzle to make my dash.

To be fair, I was nervous that others would be put off and not make it, but in the end there was a fantastic turnout and it was a really brilliant evening for all, and a complete eye opener for me. Aside from the fact that the magnificent Nina van der Berg, Natalie’s care-giver, friend and now close circle of love family managed to arrange and host this event, it was how it was received by others, including me, that totally blew me away. First of all there were Natalie’s supporters; friends and family, who came to dance or volunteer at the door and merchandise table. Then there were the bands, dancers (swing, salsa, Cape Jazz, Burlesque), fire dancers and dance teacher, who all offered their services for absolutely free, and were gorgeous, talented and amazing. I am now totally in love with Manouche, a gypsy jazz band, and The Rat Rod Cats, a rock-a-billy trio: two bands I saw and heard live for the first time last night, who rocked the house and revived my interest in live music. (I am following them both on twitter now to keep in the loop about when and where they perform again.)

But mostly I was gobsmacked by Nina’s crowd of friends. I had no idea that young people of Cape Town; female and male, were getting together to dance swing. And it is beautiful, inspiring and happy. Jeannie Elliot of the Boogie Back Dance Co has been teaching them, and it is delightful. Cape Town is still full of surprises, interesting quirks and people doing other fabulous stuff. I got more and more into the evening, and was amazed as four hours flew by and I was hop skipping my way back to the car at 12 to come home.

Well done Nina. Well flippen done. This frenemy of swing is now a heart convert.

PS. I was a shocking emcee. Shocking. The funniest thing of the whole night was when somebody came to tell me that what I had thought was a heckler saying “show us your boobs” was her husband saying “show us your moves”! But, even though I got names all wrong, and people mixed up, I had the best time.

Undying Entanglement

Cathy Abraham has done something quite extraordinary with her exhibition Undying Entanglement at The Jewish Museum, and I was lucky enough to have her walk me through it yesterday. It would be silly try and write what it is about. I couldn’t do it proper justice anyway. I can just write down how and what it made me feel, and suggest you go and check it out, since it is on for the next two months.

Nostalgia, commentary, reflection, rage, love, analysis, image, destruction of image, rebellion, humour, dirty joke, pure intent, painstaking detail, wood, glass, image, film, sound, paper, wine, religion, relation, marriage, word, words, letters, fragility, criticism, joy, deceit. She has managed to capture all of this in a visual, aural, and emotional story that is deeply moving.


Natalie’s Circle of Love FUNdraiser 3

It’s been a while since I wrote about Natalie Cohen, the miracle child who is still surviving a rare form of bone cancer. 13 year old Natalie continues to be surrounded by her circle of love, family and friends who do everything. One of her most special circle of lovers  is Nina, her care giver. Nina is a flower. She is positive, creative, cute and funny, and she has made a FUNdraiser event that takes place this Thursday even ing at Zula Bar in Long Street. It’s for all lovers of dance. Watch, dance yourself, or watch and learn like me. Actually, I am going to be the emcee at the event, so if we haven’t seen each other in a while, now would be a great time to catch up! Read about Natalie’s journey here, on Natalie’s Circle of Love and check out the facebook event and book tickets or even buy a ticket for someone else. Easy peasy. Let’s Dance this Thing.

Drive With Me here

So, when I came back from Grahamstown it is fair to say I was broken. But, as with all things theatrical, I bounced back and launched myself into other things. Obviously, the whole time I was thinking about how to end Drive With Me, and give it a send off. You see, I have always been intensely proud of the work, but suffered great feelings of invisibility at the festival, and I’ve been confused and scared about how to put it on in CT. I had just decided to wait until the right thing came along, when I got offered 3 shows at Alexander Bar, my fave venue in CT. Suddenly the opportunity to do the show again lit tiny sparks in my soul.

So, for all of you who asked, Drive With Me will be on at Alexander Bar on the 20, 21, 22 November at 7pm. When booking becomes available on the Alexander Bar website, please do it. It’s a tiny venue, and a tiny little run.



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