It has been a distracting beginning to the week, with 2 improv shows on Monday and Tuesday with celebrity guest Casper de Vries. It’s always an interesting and exciting challenge playing with someone who isn’t part of our permanent group, with some insightful realisations that come with it. Firstly, I think we all realise how what we do is quite difficult. Improvising looks easier than it is. The second great lesson is discovering how good we are. We are able to rise to the challenge, make light work of playing with a stranger, and adapt to the situation.

Picking up a script that I haven’t worked on since July is a challenge of a totally different kind. Today is D day for actually starting to rehearse Drive With Me, to be ready for my 3 performances at The Alexander Bar on 20, 21, 22 November. I am excited and scared. I don’t know what to expect from it this time around. It is a strange fracture relearning words, located in the memory but needing to come forward, forward and off the tongue. It is a creepy deja vu trying to re-choreograph moments that were finally second nature and are now awkward again. It is a heaviness and lightness. A chore and a revelation. An inspiration and a deep questioning. Of course, by the tie the work gets to be in front of an audience it will be another thing, closer to what I intended, and shaped by the director and her vision. But in these two weeks before that happens it is still in the beautiful phase of re-creation.

Three performances at Alexander Bar mean 120 tickets. I would love 120 people to see it. If you wanted to and either didn’t or weren’t there when I was in Grahamstown, please book to see it now here.