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Month: June 2014

Play Man

I just saw the guy I wrote about in a play.
I just saw him walk past my house
as I sat in the winter sun pretending.

He was real.
His sunglasses shut out his window eyes
Like tinted glass on gangsters’ cars.
His hand brushed the low wall
before he saw me and the dogs barked.

In that moment before he became seen
I could still read his face and the complicated story
it told
of what he was doing
and how it was wrong
and ill fitting that he should be walking here
in this place
at this time.
It told of his past in a moment,
and his regret.
Then he saw me and hardened up,
and moved out slightly – the dogs were loud.
His face crept behind his sunglasses
And he disappeared.

Drive With Me again

DrivewithMeWebJKK-002I am picking up the script for Drive With Me again. I have a proper two week run at Alexander Bar from 30 June to 12 July, the exact time of the Grahamstown festival. It is intentional irony. The show is set in Grahamstown, at the festival. Anyone who knows me knows the metaphorical death I suffered at the festival with this piece last year. In spite of great reviews, standing ovations from audiences of 3, and a very late awarding of an Ovation award, I came away from the experience in more than just a few pieces.

Luckily I was able to put those terrors and ghosts to bed during a 3 show sold out slot at Alexander Bar in November last year. (It was so strange wearing that winter costume and describing the July conditions in the heat of summer.) This time I am really excited. I feel as if the blossom and bloom time for the piece is now. I am proud of the writing even though I am still challenged by the performance of it, and I surprise myself, even when just learning lines, with new thoughts and ideas. Writing and then performing a piece has different stages of gestation I guess. I remember the late Peter Hayes saying that a show needs to be performed at least 70 times before it becomes what it should be. As an improviser that seems terribly long, but I am starting to understand what it means. The more you do it the smaller the gap between intention and execution.

I am excited by the possibility of reaching a (slightly) bigger and wider audience. The Alexander Bar is tiny and intimate enough, but more than just friends will get to see it this time with 9 performances. So, if you’re even just a little curious, please take the chance and book here.

PS. It is the weirdest thing being 17kgs lighter than when I last performed this. I wonder how the character of Marion Taylor will be affected?

Help one, help all

Dear Friends

I know about a young woman, Lorna, who lives in Khayelitsha. She is 20 years old and is the adopted daughter of our char Buyiswa. In the harshest of conditions she managed to fight the odds and she matriculated two years ago. Lorna has a dream. All she wants to be is a paramedic. I have no idea why, but that is what she dreams of becoming. But doing the official paramedic course to get a certificate costs R35 000. The reality is that this is entirely beyond her means. Without help she is never, ever going to be able to do it. I would love to do something to help, but my personal financial contribution would be totally ineffective. So, I want to start a campaign to collect money from my friends, colleagues, family, and even strangers to make her dream a reality. The way I see it is that we will be enabling someone to reach their dream and they will be paying it forward every day of their lives. In an ideal South Africa this learning would be sponsored or subsidised. In this one it is unreachable unless we help to make it possible. I will collect the money on her behalf, and then pay for the course. Please help me do this. Let’s start. Let’s help Lorna become a paramedic. I open the account with a personal R2000. Can it be matched? Doubled? Can you afford R100? $20?

PS. I have never done anything like this before so all advice, help, warnings, support will be massively welcome. Contact me on for bank account details.

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