Ages ago I booked a teeny 3 show slot at Alexander Bar for what I considered to be a highly experimental thing, a one woman improv show, performed by me and directed by Candice D’Arcy. Suddenly it is next week, on Thursday 7, Friday 8 and Saturday 9 at 7pm in the evening, and I am excited and terrified in equal parts. The show is called I Could Go On and it will run between 50 and 55 minutes. That is pretty much all I know. I have to keep myself from making up the format in my head. I have to keep characters out of my brain in order to be truly spontaneous on the night.

Here is what I think is going to happen. First a quick chat with the audience. Second, suggestions. Third, go. That is about it really. No idea about content, subject matter, theme or format. Candice will be there to help me, with lights, sound and even interventions (she is the shaper and holder of the show), and she will be my safety net should I go out on a limb.

I invite you to come and take the risk with me. Book here for your ticket and I promise it will be the unexpected.