cheersI am still on a cloud of high after the most intense and passionate week of work. It is Saturday morning and I woke up early to write a proposal (I was too tired to do it last night) and I was happy and amped to do it this morning. That’s because I am loving my work so much right now.

Last week consisted of the opening of Violet Online at The Alexander Bar, a cutie pie of a show that I directed, starring Lynita Crofford. It has been a thing of joy to work on. I don’t know Lynita very well, but we had such a delicious time, and I am so proud of the work we have done. I love our script (written by an anonymous but brilliant blogger). I love our set of fab purple couch (Big Friendly wants that couch badly), painted 2nd hand table and purple ghost chair. I love our most amazing cartoon drawings that were created especially for us by Goregoat (young new hot designer, if anyone needs that kind of thing, and the image in this post is one of her’s for the show) and I absolutely love our sound track of contemporary pop. We are on at 9pm Monday to Saturday next week. I am so excited to see how tickets are flying for this show. Thank you all who have pre-booked.

Last week was also the second week of rehearsals for my bi-anual Engen industrial theatre road show, culminating in a client viewing yesterday morning. What a blast. Again I am working with a cast of regular magnificents and two new magnificents and they are a joy to play with. Our rehearsals interrupt our laughing. I can’t wait to go to work with these people every day.

And it was also the week where I coached a group of banker type people who then put on four theatre (and movie) productions yesterday afternoon. This gig totally blew my mind. And made me a new BFF (Kathy Page Wood, who found me and gave me the gig). And put me on a theatre high, and life high, and an “OMG I love what I do” high. Theatre people will know that in a production you fall in love. It is the most intense kind of love ever. It starts in rehearsals with a flirty, frivolous fascination. In production this love/lust intensifies (and sometimes even gets consumated before the end), and then it is over on the final night, and the feelings slowly fade until the next time. Well, I fell in love with a group of over 40 people in the space of two weeks and I only saw them three (or two or one, in some cases) times. Yesterday they performed their hearts out, and tried to bribe me, and were proud and emotional, and passionate and totally magnificent. They dressed up, and drove cardboard taxis, and wore wigs, and sang and danced, and wrote scripts, and dressed in drag, and cheered each other on, and gave each other standing ovations, and got drunk and chatty afterwards. I loved being a part of their team.

What a week. Next week is more of the same. I say, bring it on!