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Month: September 2016

Actor people

Today is another two show day for me, performing in The Finkelsteins are Coming to Dinner at 14:00 and then at 20:30 it is the penultimate show of Niqabi Ninja at the Cape Town Fringe.

And today I want to honour the actors I am working with. I know I have said how amazing they are as performers; I watched Loren Loubser and Bianca Flanders in Niqabi Ninja for the 20th time yesterday and they reduced me to tears again, and Andrew Laubscher and David Viviers are also such incredible performers that I learn from them every day. But I am also struck by what beautiful people these are.

As actors we are supposed to come from a certain spirit, a certain place. In reality this is often not the case, which is why I love the mostly ego free souls of improvisers and find the self preoccupied actor soul a little more difficult. But these guys are beautiful, and I love them.

Bianca Flanders is a beautiful, sensitive, hilarious, generous, kind and quirky girl. We laugh and laugh because we are both Aries and have so much in common. Loren thinks this stuff is idiotic (she is a Cancer, so of course she does!). Loren is pure heart, and action, and word, and voice and humour and love and humanity and outrage, and passion. Both of them have giant talent, but that is not what this post is about. I love them.

Andrew Laubscher and David Viviers have held my hand on stage in The Finkelsteins, and I could not have been better supported. But, they are both such delicious people. They are the nicest people anyone can possibly hope to spend time with before, during and after stage time. Andrew and David, you are both such mensches.

Come and watch us all. This loveliness of being does translate onto stage. Come and see.

A short and random thing

Who says what a blog can be? I have decided this space will also be for my short and random things.

I am queen of the mundane dream. I can spend what seems like hours of dream time looking for my watch and opening and closing drawers. last night I dreamed I got a phone upgrade. It was the latest phone; a fold open one, with a keypad, only I had completely forgotten how to use a keypad and couldn’t answer it, or find numbers, or make calls.

I only remembered this part of my dream when I got a call this morning, from EmptyN telling me I was due for my upgrade.


A scene from Niqabi Ninja

Niqabi Ninja at CT Fringe

(and why it is still so important to see it.)

We 3 met today to do a bit of a pick-up rehearsal. To be honest, I thought we would meet, get going and then say our farewells. Instead, because we haven’t seen each other for a few weeks, we ended up catching up, and what happened is we started sharing stories again. New hideous stories of rape as gang initiation, rape and sexual coercion during political disruptions on campus, feelings of fear and frustration at being silenced during sexual harassment.

We all agreed that we felt a certain power in being able to express ourselves theatrically, while giving this cause an energetic and accessible voice, through Niqabi Ninja. In fact, we are itching to put it in front of an audience again, and are really hoping the audience will be a wide one, of CT Fringe newcomers. We want many women to identify and more men to become aware; to understand, to feel.

If you saw and were moved by Niqabi Ninja please tell your friends and acquaintances, your colleagues and students to come and see it. If you missed it, now is your chance. Book here on the CT Fringe website for one of our 6 performances.




The Finkelsteins Are Coming (to Dinner)

The Finkelsteins-5Tadah! Here is our poster.

The truth is that I am procrastinating, right this second. Instead of writing this post I should be learning my words. There are a lot of them. And it’s been a while since I was in a conventional play, with dialogue, and scenes, and other gorgeous actors, and a director, and set and props. It is fabulous and scary and challenging and hilarious and fun. And there are a lot of words.

I am in a brand new play, just written, (by Richard Kaplan) and this is the first time it is being performed. It premiers at the CT Fringe, and then we go on to do a run at my favourite Alexander Bar. We did a play reading of it at the beginning of the year, and everyone loved it so much we decided to do the production. We are me, Andrew Laubscher and David Viviers, directed by Adrian Collins. It’s a pretty phenomenal team. The Finkelsteins are Coming to Dinner is a funny, heartwarming, odd, gay, Jewish love/ghost story.

I am excited and nervous, in both parts. And I am hoping people come. You can book for the fringe here.

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