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A Beautiful long-term Relationship

There is a body of people we have not really mentioned every time we congratulate ourselves on our marvelous work. Our audience. This teeny two week improv festival has managed to attract an ever growing audience to our work, and they have been amazing; generous, responsive, enthusiastic, chatty, delighted. And it has been our pleasure to perform for them.

The quality of our work has been improving all the time, and our audience has been there to witness it. The fact that we are able to come up with an hour and a half show of totally improvised long-form stuff is proof. But if it weren’t for the generosity, love and support of our audiences it would all be academic. They are the heart and soul of our performances. I hope this is the continuation of the most beautiful long term relationship.

Love ya. Mean it.


Post long-form Improvisation delight disorder


Breaking my own Silence

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  1. Heather Mac

    Dear Megan, You grabbed these thoughts right out of my mind! I have been reflecting on their (our audiences) generous receptivity to a theatrical offering completely unknown to them. And they kept coming and and I do hope they keep coming. Thanks to you, Tandi and Candice, TheatreSports will never be the same- for the players, or our most important member- the audience. GOOD.

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