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A beautiful TheatreSports night

Last night at The Kalk Bay Theatre was one of those nights. We had a biggish audience and most of them were TheatreSports virgins.We had a few crazy games, lots of excellent team playing, not so good, quite good, very good and even excellent moments, and I had the time of my life. Just before we went on stage, while the emcee (last night it was the delicious Jess who is one of my favourite emcees. It can be a bit of a thankless job, but Jess makes it very special. I digress. No kidding?) was doing the introduction, I told my fellow players how lucky I felt to be going onto stage without an idea of what was going to happen. pic2 Of course there are slight nerves because you want it to be good, and obviously it isn’t always, but there is such joy in improvising. And last night the audience witnessed that and even participated in that joy. So I am a very lucky fish. 

Here Nicholas and Candice show what it feels like. Yeee haaaaah!!


Improvisation for leaders



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  1. There is something magical about the commitment and, especially, the skill of the performers that makes TS a real experience.

    I remember vividly the sense of wonder and amazement whenever the group on stage gets a direct download from the Celestial Server. I saw some fantastic TS’ers coming through the ranks (including those mentioned in Meg’s posting, above) and am still amazed at the way they grew in skill and competencies throughout the years. Goes without saying — Megan is TS Suprema, up there with the best of them.

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