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A breath of fresh improv

Chicago improv veteran Joe Bill has been with us these last ten days, running workshops, classes and playing with us. What an amazing treat, on every level, but for me in a very particular way. Because I started our group almost 20 years ago I am by far the oldest, and have seen people come and go. This means that even when I am not the boss, I am, and I very seldom get told what to do. Having Joe there to be in the instructor position has meant that I could just play, and be naughty and risky and properly spontaneous (not that I don’t strive for that always) and also, I can be part of the group in a completely different way.

Joe has also taught us two new forms of long form improv; BAT (one of his own wicked inventions), and Harold, a famous format played all over the improv world with the usual success and failure that comes with long form Harold.

Last night we played a short TheatreSports show and then did a baby (short) Harold to the delight of our audience who screamed for an encore when we were done. How cool is that?

I love playing TheatreSports in the school hols because we have full houses, and last night’s was exactly that. So; a great team, hilarious games and stories, delicious Joe Bill, a great full house and that special magic satisfaction that comes from making it up as you go along made for a great night.

Thanks Joe Bill.


Good Hair Day


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  1. wot an exciting story megs and so happy that improv Joe worked so well for you guys and was so amped to see all the encore tweets from you, joe, anne last nite when i got home… yay to new adventures in improv!

  2. megan

    You shoulda been there wena.

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