I am bursting with excitement. Listen to this. I am even going to write it as a story.

Four weeks ago five actors and a director got together to start rehearsals for an industrial theatre roadshow. From the first moment everybody realised that it was a magical combination of people whose collective energy was greater than the individual parts. Everybody really enjoyed each other and delighted in each other’s performances. Rehearsals were fun and easy. Characters and moments sparked and developed. And the director had one of those totally crazy ideas! She thought, “What if this group of people were available and interested in working together more? What if all of them wanted to put on a show at the end of the year, and, once the industrial theatre show was up and running, would be willing to rehearse this show?” She exploded these ideas onto the cast who couldn’t believe what a fantastic idea it was. And her brain started working overtime. Where? How? What? Who? She had a ‘do I dare try this?’ moment, before phoning her favourite theatre owner and one of her bfs to bounce the idea off and on him. And then, the universe played with. In a schedule of shows, a gap opened up, starting on the 4th of December and ending on New Year’s Eve. Could you believe it?

So, on Monday morning this group of theatricals will get together again and start making a show. Loudly. And with energy. And everybody who is in Cape Town will be able to come and see it. At The Kalk Bay Theatre. A dream coming true!

Edit: It gets better! The fabulous choreographer Fiona du Plooy has offered to whip the dance moves in and out of the cast. Just like the Castle lite ad. How sexy and hip?