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A Circus Side Show Centre Stage

We moved the show into the venue, The Arena, today. I have just got home and I am crashing, big time. It’s so hectic and scary and intense and amazing and exhausting. I can’t sleep. I’m having weird dreams.

I love the show. I can’t believe how wild it is. I love the cast, musicians, the production team, the designers, the helping hands, the circus guides. I hate the canteen food, the technical side of things, how slow certain stuff is. I love the designer Dicky Longhurst (who was late to come on board, and took over when somebody got sick) who has made miracles, both set wise and costume wise. I Love Alfred Rietmann our production manager who has given us everything we need and more, mainly because he adores the show and loves circuses.

I am terrified that  when people see the poster they are going to think it’s a kiddie’s show. Although I haven’t seen many about. I am hysterical that our performances are all at 1800 and that people won’t come. I am so excited to show this work. I am terrified about what everyone will think. Ah, the week before opening!!!!


The Brills




  1. Mark

    Good luck with the show.
    Saw your poster. Terrible. so small, stiff and indistinct. All relevant info not clear.

  2. megan

    I know! Hideous. Somebody didn’t read the script before they made it, hey?

  3. Have been looking for Dicky Longhurst, thought he had passed on or worse. Used to work with him at PACOFS. Sorry, this has nothing to do with your review but love his designs and energy.

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