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A Circus Side Show gets going

I swear, I love my life. Week 3 of rehearsals has just started (we decided to rehearse the whole of National Braai day yesterday) and things are slowly falling into place.

Musicals are weird. There is the story, the characters, the scenes AND there’s the music and the singing. We haven’t had the musicians yet, they enter the mix sometime this week, but it’s amazing how a cast of just six can swell and become a whole circus of people.

It’s even weirder directing something you have written yourself. Hearing the words over and over makes you listen to them with a different and sometimes more critical ear. At least you get to make changes as you go along.

I am totally in love with my cast. Adrian Galley as the ring master is superb. When we (Graham Weir and I) were writing, I could hear the ring master’s voice, and Adrian has completely found it. Bulelwa Cosa is Mrs D, the fat lady. She is one of my favourite people to work with. She was in Noah, The Cantata and she has the most amazing voice. The Wiers, Graham and Christine are like gifts. Christine is the tattooed lady and Graham is Franco, the white faced clown. Then, there is the gorgeous Richard Lothian who plays Marek the acrobat. He is a gymnast and juggler and a fire dancer and a tumbler and he is just fabulous. And finally there is Rory Avenstrup. She is such a talented actress, whose roles have always been severely limited by her size, being a dwarf. She is amazing and I believe her performance is going to blow people away.

We are also blessed with the cutest and most efficient  production team, Jerome and Lucas, and designer Dicky Longhurst whose drawings are amazing.

Listen to me. I sound like a preacher. But really, what a great job I’ve got right now. Yee ha!


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  1. Boy, this sounds like a mouth-watering experience!!! Can’t wait!! Love to the megacast’ers from us in the the HL.
    Sorry about the Poopetrias crashing out of the 20whtashamacallit – can’t leave you guys alone for a minute, hey? 🙂

  2. megan

    Ja! I hope you are all having the most fabulous time. We miss the whole noodle soup.

  3. Might even have to come down to SLAAPstad to have a look see

  4. megan

    Nice to see you here boet!

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