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A Circus Side Show honoured

I am very chuffed. And excited. And greedy; it would have been nice getting more. A Circus Side Show got three Fleur du Cap nominations; Graham Weir for best performer in a musical, Dicky Longhurst for costume design and Alfred Rietmann for lighting design. Obviously there is a twinge of jealousy and disappointment that I didn’t get nominated.  Check out the nominations and then vote for your favourite on ‘the people’s choice’.


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  1. I think that “The Circus Side Show “ nominees did a sterling job. I too, am disappointed because I saw the production and am absolutely convinced that Graham, Dicky and Alfred’s talents benefited from a focused, inspirational, supportive and understanding director. I also have a strong sense of deja vu, looking at the other directors nominated, some of them good friends of mine, all of them fantastic, and most of them on regular yearly trek to the FDCA. bah-humbug.

  2. megan

    That’s what friends are for!

  3. Tante B

    Only after tracking down the provenence of ” The Circus Side show” Idid I know that you are co-author, and director! Chuffed you should certainly be for providing the show and direction from which awards were garnered .

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