Things always come back and bite you on the arse, hey? I suppose it goes with the territory. I have set myself up here with this blog and I have chosen to write reviews of theatre. It’s a very public thing to do. Although I write about a lot of other stuff, it is my reviews that people look for and find.

I don’t flatter myself that I am good or that my opinion is particularly sought after; it’s just that there is so little written about theatre in Cape Town and actors and theatre people are so desperate for any mention that my blog on any given production will be googled and found.

So when I write a stinker I expect that there will be some sort of repercussion. How is this for awkward? I saw Isabella and wrote about it (not very flatteringly) on Saturday night. On Sunday I popped off to The Baxter for a technical rehearsal before the We all Benefit gig and the first person I saw there was Scott Sparrow. The guilt came flooding through me and I asked (how arrogant?) if he had seen what I had written. He looked perplexed. I don’t think he even knew about my blog. Of course it all came pouring out; everything I wrote, and more, completely unsolicited and in a huge splurge. How uncool is that?

I cringed when I thought about it afterwards. And then yesterday I arrived at The Intimate for TheatreSports and who is in the parking lot? Scott Sparrow and Leila Anderson! Of course they would be there. Their show is in the same venue. I felt like a palooka. Comforting myself that it couldn’t get any worse, I warmed up enthusiastically and got ready for our show, excited because we had quite a few bookings (for a change). I bounced onto stage at the beginning of the show, only to come face to face with Leila Anderson who was sitting in the front row. How skaam was I? And then reality took over where my arrogance had been and I realised that she too probably hadn’t read about what I had said, or even heard about it.

I have reread my review. I stick to what I said. I think it can be used positively to build on a really good idea. I just hope I stop feeling like a moegoe every time I see them.