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A funny thing happened on the way to TheatreSports

n547471119_1239509_383 We are off to perform for a full house at the Kalk Bay Theatre tonight. We have a block booking of 30 11 year old boys and their parents. So, the KBT booking line has been warning other potential audience members about the presence of the kids. I think it’s hilarious, but we gave gotten into trouble with this kind of thing before. Once, when a group of kids attended a show, some stuffy old ducks felt like their evening at the theatre was ruined and they left without paying for their meal and drinks! They ended up missing a fantastic show, but used the kids as a bad excuse to justify their stealing of some wine and pasta. Sies. So we learned from that and have been letting other ‘normal’ audience members know about the kids. It’s been really cute though, and I’ve had some really genuine responses of amazement that we are pre-warning them.

I don’t know. I think it’s amazing that a show like TheatreSports pulls in young people and gets them involved and delighted in theatre. That’s how we develop theatre audiences; a thing not exactly abundant in this country.


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  1. The Saint

    Not a complaint in sight about last Tuesday – on the contrary everybody seems to have had a ball. And what’s more one of the “other” audience [i.e. not part of the party] has enquired about a TheatreSports function !!!!

  2. megan


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