Driving home from the Kalk Bay Theatre on a Sunday night is so bizarre. From Kalk Bay to Lakeside I was behind drivers who could ony have been stoned. 45km/h is their top speed. There is usually a driver and a passenger, and I can imagine the lull in conversation that happens before the passenger says, “Bru, what’s that noise?” Or something. The car then slowly floats from right to left in the narrow lane. Or maybe, “Shoo Bru, you going lank fast hey.”, before they slow to a crawl with not a robot or stop street in sight. I was forced to overtake about four cars like this in my Suzuki jeep, which only has a motorbike engine! Imagine the weird shift that happens then after the Paradise Road robots. All of a sudden, the larney cars all have GP number plates and the drivers have all done more than one line of coke. These guys have no passengers. They keep flashing their brights. They sit on the arse of cars in the fast lane, overtake on the inside, hoot and throw stompies out of their windows. Two of these on the same little stretch results in a competition. I don’t get it.

I was on my way back from Duncan Fahrenheit and The Lank Tired Okes; a one-man show created and performed by Pierre Malherbe. It was on tonight (Sunday) at the Kalk Bay Theatre and, because of public demand, it will have another Sunday slot next week, the 25th, so get there.

I loved the show. Pierre Malherbe has created three characters and they are really finely observed as well as very funny. And they are SO Cape Town, bru.The premise of the show is the reunion gig of Duncan Fahrenheit and the Lank Tired Okes at the closing down party of an Obz venue, The Autonomous Riempie Stool Cafe. Everything about Duncan is absolutely, horrifically typical, and hilarious. And the stand-up comic/emcee who introduces him is agonizing, and squirmily hilarious. Dean Street, the dj, is also spot on.

I forget what a good actor Pierre Malherbe is. His timing is excellent, he is versatile, he is very funny and he is cute. This is all good when you are doing a one man show. I was also tickled by his writing which is truly sparkly in places. And he has captured the dialogue and patois of each character, even in the two songs Duncan sings.

While certainly not life changing, DFATLTO is a brilliant way to spend a Sunday, or any other evening (maybe Pierre will do another run somewhere). It’s just about an hour long and I wasn’t bored for a moment.
Oh, and this show works really well in the intimate space of The Kalk Bay Theatre. Like I said, kif bru, fully.