cope_003 I know it’s too early in the morning, and I should be writing my latest industrial theatre script, but after scanning iol and having coffee, I have just turned to Big Friendly and told him that I am ready to move anywhere in the world but stay here.

Two articles in particular got me feeling like the ‘frog in the pot’ again. One was about the chaos that erupted at the University of Zululand because of battles between ANC and IFP supporters, and the other was about a COPE member who found herself in court because she had a sticker on her car saying “I am a Sadtu member and I vote for Cope”.

zum These two stories completely embody why the possibility of a true democracy is still a fantasy here in SA. We are pretending to be in a democracy. People still intimidate each other, people still believe they have a right to determine how people vote and for whom, and people still resort to violence if they don’t like what somebody else does or says.

Now Matthews Phosa has jumped on the Afrikaaner bandwagon with zoom zoom Zuma, who recently declared Afrikaaners to be the only rightful white South Africans. It’s hard enough for me to swallow the fact that zoom zoom Zuma is going to be president. I am fundamentally depressed and anxious about that. But now it’s everything else that comes with a looming election that will be ‘sort of’ free and ‘mostly ish’ fair. Sies.