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A preview lightbulb moment!

So I finally understand what a preview is all about. A Circus Side Show had its first audience last evening, evening one of three low price previews before we open on Sunday.

What a learning curve for me hey? The transition from being the fascist dictator director boss into a simpering almost invisible background nagger is instant with the arrival of an audience.

The show itself started a bit flat, with everyone fighting to control nerves. Then it relaxed and went slightly pear shaped and then, right at the end the pear rolled down the hill for a bit. But me and Amanda, the musical director, were really the only ones who noticed.

Previews are a brilliant way to see how an audience responds and where things need to change, before opening night and the crits. And it’s a great chance for an audience to see a show that is still growing. And it’s cheap. What a win hey?

So, after last evening’s show (I keep wanting to say night but all the performances are at the weird time of 6pm) we will meet today and rehearse the bits and bobs that are a bit loose and fluffy.

I am starting to get the feeling, half good half dreadful, that my job as director is pretty much over. Opening evening is three nights away. And then, poof, I am just A Circus Side Show groupie.


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  1. The Saint

    Rock On, Oh Great One. Never met a Director who hasn’t got something to say on the last night. Superfluous ??? Never. Can’t wait to see this one. CAPE TOWN – BOOK NOW & that’s not a suggestion !!!

  2. megan

    The Saint! The guy who reads my blog!

  3. Your’re almost there, Megan. Great time to reflect on the fact that it is a work of love (G_d knows it’s not done for money, hey?) Oh – the early time is imposed on you by The Universe (note the caps, respectful, hey?) in order to make sure no one (but no one!!) will ever have to choose between your creation and the RWC semi.

    So, toi toi toi and see you Sunday!!!


  4. megan

    And what love there is. Really big love from cast, crew and even management. I am very excited. Yay.

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