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A trip along, over, into and across Mafeking Road

“Let me tell you,” I said, as I stretched my arm out to grab hold of the triple strength coffee that was going to help me write this at six in the am. “Ja, ja, ja, it makes sense. Four of Herman Charles Bosman‘s stories visited, and revisited by a pink couch, two cheeky, chatty, physical, sexy young men, and a director with a brain the size of the koppie the leopard ran to. Can’t go wrong. Ja.”

Mafikeng Road is Matt Lewis and Andrew Laubscher, directed by Tara Louise Notcutt now on at The Intimate. And it’s four Herman Charles Bosman Groot Marico stories like they’ve never been done before. I have wanted to see this show since early days and I have missed it every other time it was on, including in Grahamstown where it won an ovation award and was sold out by the time I got there. So I wasn’t going to miss it this time. I was there like a bear.

And what a flippen amazing, fast, hilarious, delicious, clean, precise, energetic, charming trip it is. Matt and Andrew are genius and they jump, squirm, crouch, limp, run, freeze, switch from accent to accent, body to body, human to animal, comic contort, flash back, subtitle, soundtrack, sound effect and sometimes, just tell, the stories.

Tara has them on a short leash. Not a moment is indulgent. Not a gesture is too big.  Not a joke milked for more laugh. These are two committed and charming performers who are making the magic without any actor bullshit. “And I could of sat there for hours, listening to them go on and on. Ja, ja, ja. Makes sense. Loved that damn scared horse Bertie. Loved that poor love struck policeman, loved the drunken getting drunker altar wine fetcher. Loved the moms and kids at kerk. Loved every finger chase along arms. Think I must of loved the whole thing man.” I reach over but the koffie is klaar.



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  1. Awesome review! My sentiments exactly, word for word…and more. Inspirational storytelling!! Absolutely loved every single character, even if some were glimpses, the glimpses were great!

  2. Simon Cooper

    I saw the show in Grahamstown and I am going next Thurs [charity do for Kids4Sport – a worth while charity] and it’s is coming to KBT next year …. so yes I like it, it’s bloody good.
    But in view of the recent writing on this blob [sometimes peurile writing at that showing a complete lack of tolerance for the views of others] I thought I would share this with whoever may be interested – after I had seen the show I was talking to a lady in a queue, as one does, and I said she should see Makeking Road. Her reply and I quote “It’s a desecration of Bosman”. Hah!!! A desecration lady; try the Bosman show I saw in 2010 : it was *&^%$#@ awful. But one man’s or woman’s meat is another’s poison and all that so we agreed to disagree.
    But you know what Megan is right and I am right – this show is “flippen amazing, fast, hilarious, delicious, clean, precise, energetic, charming” and so on. Go see it and then come and see it again next year at KBT cos you’ll want to.

  3. Simon Cooper

    Desecration se gat !!! Saw this last night. Standing Ovation – deserved. An evening to raise money for Sports4Kids run by my mate DMac and Andrew Russell. So good cause, good evening, bloody good show.

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