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a Worker’s day Whine

It’s been a while since I had a big old moan, hey? Well, it’s a ridiculous 6.36am on what should be a normal Friday morning, but no, it is the third working day I have lost, in two weeks! And it just so happens to be the two weeks’ rehearsal period that I have had for my regular industrial theatre project that I create every year. Losing three full rehearsal days is a lot. It’s hard to find a rhythm. It’s hard for the cast to remember their lines. It makes everyone a bit nervy.

And it’s not like we ‘theatre practitioners’ exactly qualify for a ‘workers’ day’ holiday. It’s not as if we actually work every day of the year. In fact, mostly we are grateful for having any work that we can get. We can spend a lot of time waiting for work.

Which is why I find it so hilarious when actors get paid overtime on set. If anyone has actually spent time on a commercial or movie set you will know that while everyone runs around for most of the day, actors, usually dressed and made up, sit around, waiting. The actual doing is usually half an hour’s worth, mostly quickly at the end of the day, before failing light! And yet, actors qualify for overtime on set. Hilarious.

But I digress. My big moan is the silliness of this ‘whole workers’ day’ thing in the first place. And I’ll explain what I mean by way of an example. I’m like, it’s been such a hectic week, I’ll probably have a good chance of doing some much needed grocery shopping today. Picknpoo will be open of course. Yay. But, hang on. Who will be running the Picknpoo? Those very workers whose day I’m resting on, not so? In fact, I might want to go to the movies, in a shopping centre, whose shops will all be open, to sell stuff to me, a ‘resting worker’! Bollocks.

The whole May Day thing has ancient origins, with a seasonal cycle beginning. In Europe the 1st of May was officially the first day of Summer. But apparently , we are celebrating International Worker’s Day today.

Sex workers in SA will attend Workers’ Day rallies today. That’s good to know. I’m sure it will be a terrific place to network and pick up a few extra clients, for when it’s back to the grindstone tomorrow!


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  1. Margie

    Oh hear hear! The whole month of April (and I include 1 May for luck) has been a complete nightmare. In fact with Easter, voting, Freedom and Worker day we lost an entire 5 day working week!

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