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After 49 hours

I’m home after a stressful, fun and ultimately rewarding evening, although the theatre judges were very obscure and, unlike the other disciplines, we weren’t actually awarded Best blah blah blah, which was quite nice; the pieces are always so different.  I love the idea of the 48hr festival, even though there are hiccups that go with the territory.  My script was a Greek Tragedy, which we turned into an episode of Survivor, with a director, camera person, tribes, logs, fire place, bandanas and flags. It turned out pretty cool actually.

I look forward to the next one. Viva PANSA (and most especially the very cool and organised Nthombi.)


Almost there


Radio 2000

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  1. bobby

    am so sorry not to have been there.
    sounds like a weekend of adrenalised, crazy fun.
    glad you enjoyed it

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