Friday night’s FUNdraiser for Natalie’s Circle of Love was a success! Thank you to the fab TheatreSports team (who were hilarious), the sellers, co-ordinators, actioners, families, friends, the Baxter, and everyone who made it a funny, warm, delicious way to support a good cause. For more on Natalie’s story and progress you can follow or comment on the website.

Other good stuff this weekend included spending time with my delicious sister-in-law, going to Muizenberg beach, making interesting fishcakes, chilling out, maxing, relaxing.

But not everything about the weekend was good. Now I need to be brave for what needs to be discussed; the Proteas and their CWC campaign. Nobody could believe what happened yesterday; losing to England by six runs! I would like to give my completely laywoman’s opinion. My opinion. Graeme Smith makes me nervous. A good leader/captain should be able to be crystal clear in separating his/her own performance and the needs of the team. Graeme can’t. He doesn’t think things through deeply enough. Why, when having committed to the incredibly brave idea of opening with spin, did he not follow through with it later? Why? Why do I get nervous when Graeme is at the crease? I hold my breath, and only breathe out when the inevitable happens and he goes out. (I even do this when he does well!) What about the field? Lately I have had the feeling that the bowlers are out there on their own, and have to win or lose the game themselves. This seems weird when the Proteas have been known as a great fielding side, but with bad field placing, too much is given away. I know that I am whinging, but yesterday’s game was so hard to swallow (choke, choke). The Proteas had it in the bag! It was a sure-fire thing. How did they manage to lose it? (Do I need to get suspicious about match fixing?) For cricket’s sake! England lost to Ireland in the week!

Nothing has changed. I am still 100% behind the team. I am just 100% more nervous.