THE TENT 097 Last night was the 2nd preview. We officially open The Tent tonight. But it was like an opening for me last night because my special people were there. Big Friendly, my boet and cousin from Jozi and my long best friends. They gave it the stamp of approval. And, if they like it I am totally happy.

I thought that last night’s show was fantastic. For a second performance in front of an audience the rhythm and pace and intention was so good. What also delighted me (and this has been a preoccupation of mine with this play) was that it appealed to a mixed audience, in terms of colour. In Cape Town there is not the same black theatre going audience as in Jozi, and often theatre productions themselves are either black or white in terms of cast, issues, and also audience appeal. So, even though last night was a mostly invited audience, it was a mixed bunch, and everyone seemed to ‘get it’.

Tonight is the fancy opening. Big Friendly will be happy because it’s when there are vetkoek and soup after the show.