A friend and TheatreSports player had her birthday celebration last night. After SOHAR Big Friendly and I went to Sea Point to join about 15 friends for KARAOKE!! You would think that a bunch of performers would want to celebrate off-stage and differently, but no. Song after song was sung with gusto and interpretation.

And what a fabulous place. With the most unlikely and extraordinary bunch of people. My best was a young drunk guy who was with two, what looked like, foreign language students. He was just fantastic. Nerdy in is stripy T shirt and jeans pulled up a little further than they should have been, he hopped up jerkily in response to every song. He danced and applauded and sang along and fell asleep.

The place itself is very strange. There is a big ‘hall’, a place for everyone to have a go, with four small banquettes, one big one and a table and chairs in the middle. Then, there are private karaoke rooms for hire (just like Lost in Translation). I discovered these when I saw someone I knew but who I couldn’t attatch to our party. He confessed that he was “in a private room with friends” and I went to have a look. Apparently they go quite often and five of them hire out the room for an hour or two.

It’s addictive. And weird. And humiliating. And amazing. One of the girls in our bunch was the most astounding. She is not an actor. She is loudly, beautifully, unnaturally tone-deaf. And she sang her heart out. She was huge.

Aside from the fact that people can smoke inside (which is weird and hectic and hard for me) it is a wonderful and fun thing to do. So, don’t look for me and Big Friendly on Friday nights. We’ll be in our room. Singing Hey Jude.