I am a Johnny come lately to the latest sex skandaal, having only picked it up this morning. This time ex Proteas player Andre Nel has been bust having affairs all over the shop. I am sad for him and his wife. I can’t imagine how horrible it must be to have your dirty linen hung up on every TV, laptop and PC in the country, and probably the world.

I am also dismayed that another ‘sports hero’ and role model has been busted in this way. What is it with these guys? I have no doubt that there are many cheap and nasty psychological justifications for this kind of thing, but for me it boils down to a weakness of character that is seriously unattractive.

The latest is that he tried to commit suicide. How awful; especially for his wife. I imagine that he must be as low as any man can be right now, but to behave that selfishly is just outrageous. Come on sports heros. Harden the f… up. Take responsibility. Be men that everyone can be proud of.