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Animals on my mind (legs, furniture)

Today the kitties are all over the house. Annie is very brave and adventurous. Charlie makes a show of macho stuff but is more nervous of the dogs and is keeping to the spare room. The dogs’ noses are a bit out of joint. Bayla is in a bit of a sulk and waits outside. Gally is moving from basket to passage ‘seemingly’ aimlessly. Hilarious. DSCF0972 DSCF0964 We took the girls for a long walk on the beach and let them run and dig and swim before bringing them back to kitty land. Shame. Life is hardish for them today. Here Gally steals Bayla’s hole.

DSC00140 DSC00139


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  1. ohhhhhhhhhhh… they are really gorgeous! I am looking forward to a host of kittykitty stories soon!

  2. bobby

    so gorgeous. yay

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