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I went away for a bit; for work and a bit of r and r to a friend in Knysna. And I came back this afternoon. I couldn’t check email while I was gone; I had no Big Friendly to make cyberspace magic for me, so when I switched on my lappie I was a bit nervous. I’ve been catching up and watching the Obama inauguration. It’s been a pretty cool way to get back into things; filled with intention, integrity, hope and straight talk. I want to just hang on to that feeling and those ideas as I start my own work this year. And I am wishing that for all.


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  1. Tom is a lovely young boy in my daughter’s class, he is gentle, talented (an amazing painter and illustrator, at seven!) and very intense. Tom’s dad told us that he renamed the New Year


    We like that very much.

  2. megan

    love that!

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