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Believe it ‘cos it’s true

I’m sure I wrote about my heartburn caused by the fact that the dreaded Carl Niehaus had returned to ANC politics after the Mbeki topple over. He just smelled really creepy. So it came as no surprise to me when Big Friendly walked in seconds ago with today’s Mail & Guardian and the headline reads "Tearful Niehaus admits fraud". I haven’t even read the article, but all I can say, to the man who waxed lyrical about Zoom Zoom Zuma’s high class morals, is phanzi, you crook!




Jozi artists rock


  1. bobby

    in a nutshell it sounds like he couldn’t help himself because he’s such a loving husband.
    what a greedy pig, with absolutely no shame.

  2. megan

    ha ha ha! Well put Bobby.

  3. Radox

    megan did you ever go watch The Tempest?? If not, shame on you for encouraging your friend’s email post about the play.

  4. Ray

    jeez, radox – did you not read the apology? what else does megan have to do – sing the hallelujah chorus backwards while suspended in a tub of relentess vitriol?!? fer chrissakes, how about a bit of reading around before firing off a lame-ass reply to a thread that is on a totally different issue

  5. megan

    Thanks Ray! I tell ya! No rest for the wicked hey? f…d if you do, f…d if you don’t!

  6. Radox

    Wow Ray! I’m really really sorry! I hope you can forgive me! Did not read the apology! I’m sorry if I caused you a hemorrhage. Please, don’t do anything to cause yourself any more anguish!

  7. Ray

    ’tis ok, radox…I’ll survive. really. but it ain’t me you should be apologising to

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