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Big iPod day

Our household is now iPod sufficient. Big Friendly cashed in his birthday vouchers and we hopped off to Incredible Deception to get us an iPod nano. Big Friendly is very excited and is already planning these compilations, like in the old days, when we would spend hours making ‘mixed tapes’. We also got a cable thingy so we can plug it into our hi fi amp and run it through those speakers. Big Friendly is installing iTunes. Very exciting.

Meantime, tonight my job ends with Merchant of Venice, and I am celebrating my 1st year anniversary of megan’s head. It was exactly a year ago that I was so enraged by last year’s opening night of Romeo and Juliet that I started this blog to bitch about the production. I obviously won’t be able to do the same this year, since I am involved in the show, but it would be so great if anyone who sees it posts feedback here, on megan’s head.

I am hoping Big Friendly will make it through both halves so we can celebrate afterwards with the cast and crew. And then, next week I can get back to writing about other people’s work. Whoo hoo.


Merchant of Megan at the Moment


Good timing

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  1. Adam P

    Merch of Ven was a triumph! Well done to cast and crew! The best I’ve seen since. Certainly better than Pimp and Juliet.

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