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It’s so weird; if I haven’t written for more than a day or two I get pangs of guilt. They are funny pangs; directionless, vague, unsettling and even a bit irritating. And they build up, each day that goes by. I woke up this morning needing to break the cycle and the only thing on my mind is Good Will Acting.

I suppose it’s always like that with work that one has created one’s own very self. That, and the fact that our first real week of performance started last night and bookings are heartbreakingly slow. I know that there are all sorts of reasons why; school hasn’t come out yet and people are still crazy at work with end of year functions, blah blah blah, so we’ve put together first week packages of two for ones, and by the end of yesterday’s working day we had 24 bookings last night. (Huge sigh of relief).

The audience was made up of beautiful, loyal and supportive friends, total strangers, and Nicholas’s mother. It is so important to me that my friends (especially my theatre friends) like my work, and they absolutely did! Yeeha for that! And then there is Nicholas’s mother. She is what is known in laughter yoga circles as a laughter blaster. This means that someone’s laugh sets everyone else off, and she does. She guffaws. And she did so last night! It must be said that Nicholas and Edward came to the opening on Saturday and then again last night with their parents, because they thought the show was funny! And Sebastian, who is about ten gave it an 81/2 out of ten. I sat in the lighting box and giggled to the sounds of my friends cackling and bleating with laughter!

The hard slog of building an audience is far from over. Please try and make it if you are around. It really is such a beautiful space, in a beautiful place; Kalk Bay is magnificent right now.


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  1. Pat Quill

    I’m a friend of Barbara Spagnoletti and when I read on Facebook that she had laughed from start to finish I decided that my husband and I have to come and see the show. So we have inveigled (without too much arm twisting) to come along with us and will probably be there next week. Sorry that audiences are hard to come by – its the silly season and finding spare time is difficult. Don’t be disheartened, we’ll spread the word.
    Liked your blog!

  2. megan

    Thanks Pat! I can’t wait to have you in the audience along with my favourite laughter blaster Barbara.

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