Godfrey Johnson is doing a short two week run of his Brel show at the Kalk Bay Theatre and I went along last night even though I have seen it before and reviewed it here. In this venue the show is stronger, harder and somehow more intense, hardly giving the audience time or space to breathe. I think it has to do with the brilliant lighting that Jon Keevy made as well as the stillness of Godfrey in his chair for the whole thing. Brilliant. If You Go Away has never been done better and Next, The Lockman and some of the other lesser known songs are genius. I couldn’t stay for the second half, where Godfrey performs requests that members of the audience choose and pay for and the money goes to the Darling Trust (what a brilliant idea), I had a headache from hell that I couldn’t get rid of. The message to all who haven’t seen this show is, go. This is Brel with a capital B. And to those who have; it’s worth seeing again in this space. It’s not a laugh a second journey. It is intense, harrowing, sentimental, crazy, potent, poetic, demented and magnificent.