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Buil ding!

Ever since we moved into this house over a year and a half ago there have been things that needed doing. Mainly the bathroom needed attention. The ceiling had gaps between the pine planks and the cornice and between the cornice and the walls. On a howling South Easter day, much like today, bits of roof and cement and sand and dead bugs would blow through the gaps and end up on the floor, in the shower and bath and behind the washing machine. Today was the day, and it has been one full of three very handy somebodies. So the bathroom has been sealed and then painted a colour called Purple Pebbles (can you believe it? I want that job of naming colours). DSC00096

Big Friendly also asked them to build a new gate for us; the old one has been making me nuts. It has been falling out of the wall and I’ve had to squeeze it closed and lift it to close the bolt and the planks have been rotting and I haven’t stopped complaining about it. So, Big Guy and Carpenter are outside drilling and sawing and bolting and talking and oops! This is what happened!


Goodbye Dev




  1. The Saint

    Looks like a helluva job compared to &^%$#@ up I would have made, being one of those ultra un-handy males !!!!!!

  2. Tante B

    Such much domesticity ! Soon you’ll be baking cup cakes.

  3. megan

    Look closely Saint and you will see the lovely, straight, smooth square has been carefully made, around a supporting post!

  4. The Saint

    My comment stands

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