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Call for Rhinos

Today two more rhinos were found dead in KZN. Today the stats read that at least one (but mostly two) rhinos have been killed every day this year. It is beyond comprehension. We need to admit right now that all attempts at saving the rhino have failed. One thing I cannot manage is another picture of another smashed in, gaping, bloody rhino face. I cannot. Please hear my call. It is radical and outrageous, but I believe we are only prolonging the situation which will inevitably result in the hideous and most painful and savage murders of these animals. Let them all be killed today. Let it be as quick and as painless as possible. Any delays will only cause dithering and more suffering. Humans do not deserve to have these magnificent creatures on the planet that we have fucked up. It is over. I have said it before and I say it again. It will not stop until the last rhino is hacked. Let us end the misery today. The only way to get over this madness is to destroy all rhinos now, forever.


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  1. Beilla Gans

    Megan: You’re too hard on yourself. You need to get yourself a new pair of sunglasses – tinted pink. Both physically and psychologically. I know how your heart hurts.

    If we all saw Life as it really is, in all it’s horrors -life would not be worth living. That’s why there is Hope. Hope for a better world, a kinder world. You have to believe that will happen. Pink glasses to see the little nicer things that occur simultaneously with the horror. Love Tante B

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