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It has to be said. Lekota gave an impressive multi-lingual speech, saying all the right things, on Dec 16. He has made Obamaesque promises about commitment and hard work and what will be good for the country. All good stuff.

What is niggling me though is Alan Boesak having an important position. Now, I know he has done his time, but I still find it hard to hear him go on and on about the lack of morality of the ANC, and his preaching about COPE being the new moral voice. It just doesn’t sit lekker with me. I took Alan Boesak’s fraud conviction very badly. In the eighties when I was a UCT student and the country was in the worst and most frightening turmoil, the reverend Alan Boesak was my hero. He spoke, he motivated, he mobilised us. Years later he was convicted of fraud. He was found guilty of misusing funds given to an organisation established to help children! Hau bo. No, not lekker at all. Maybe if he at least spoke about it, it would be a bit better. But he has said nothing. Not even sorry.

I do believe that COPE needs to be very clear about who hops on board. The party shouldn’t be a reservoir for every failed ANC member.


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  1. Alfred Rietmann

    Politicians will allways be politicians. And we Theatre Folk understand them better than any one lese. Today you play the villian and next week you are saving the planet from the evil forces of the Red Planet.

  2. megan

    Now that you put it like that! You are on the button. Only we aren’t like that in real life!

  3. James Hunt

    Be Afraid.
    Cope entered the political arena on an orgasmic note. All high profile members were squeaky clean and none had been known to have fingers in the till.Then came Boesak: pardoned criminal who had stolen serious donor money to live in the style to which he thought he should be accustomed.The fact that Mbeki said it was O.K. to steal,cheat and lie does not give him impunity.Why,oh why does COPE tarnish their membership and lose possible votes through allowing this charlatan to be welcomed into their ranks?

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