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Uber, and kindness as a way of operating

Last night I did a pretty idiotic but all too common thing. I was in a rush to meet my friend (but I hadn’t concentrated properly and ended up going to a completely different opening night to her, that’s how bad it was), and I jumped out of the Uber leaving my house and car keys on the passenger seat. I sat happily through the long show and then reached into my pockets afterwards and discovered that my keys were not on me. Uber makes it easy to contact the driver, call him and arrange the hook up to get your lost property back, and, after getting home and having Big Friendly on hand to open up, I waited for Colin to come to my front door with my keys. And, of course, he absolutely did.

This way of operating is what sets Uber apart. It is what I have grown to love about Uber, and most of its drivers. There is kindness there, and care, and honesty and proper service. I feel safe using an Uber. I feel special. It is why I would always use an Uber instead of metered taxis. My friends and I have lost phones and wallets and jackets and handbags in metered taxis, and I don’t remember anyone ever getting anything back. Most of the Uber drivers I have met seem to have my best interests at heart. They are kind.

Kindness seems to be less and less available these days, so when it is, the benefits are striking. Stories of kindness reach hero status, because they are rarer and rarer. A helping hand during a catastrophe, an instinct to reach out and offer support, or just an opportunity to do a moment of goodness and help someone in a fix should be the order of the day. It should be what we do, as a matter of course. And it is a way of doing things that we can learn from Uber drivers.

Falling in love on a Thursday

Today was an unusual day to fall in love. Everybody else in the world seemed busy complaining, or criticising (at least that’s what it looked like on Facebum and Twitterer), and there was a lot of mourning going on too; Jonah Lomu replaced Paris, but was quickly replaced by Nigeria (the world and its people are for sure going to hell in a hand basket) and my morning appointment was cancelled, and suddenly I had a free one. I decided to take my neglected and abused and filthy dog haired car to be cleaned; a big clean, while I shopped (for groceries, one of my worst).

And because it was going to take 2 hours, it was going to be a long shop; a surrender type shop, a stroll around and see what they have type shop. Which was just as well, because the PnP at the Gardens Centre is being renovated within an inch of its life. Not one single thing was where it used to be and other things had vanished. I crashed into a woman in one of the make-shift aisles and she looked at me in terror after we had narrowly avoided mowing each other down with our trolleys. “I can’t find any toothpaste,” she moaned. “None, nothing, nix.” I couldn’t help. I had no idea where any of the toiletries were.

Actually, I couldn’t find wasabi paste, tomatoes, oat bran or broccoli. Big Friendly is lucky. I found myself in front of the discount biscuits and got him two boxes of marked down Romany Creams. I hope they’re ok.

And then I fell in love with my cashier. She was a patient, kind and lovely human being, and she grinned from ear to ear as I stumbled over my isiXhosa. We had to shout over the drilling and angle grinding, but the complaining witch alongside us, who was being completely revolting to the cashier serving her, was louder than everyone. We shared a moment of hatred for this woman, who took the renovations so personally; they had fucked up her whole life by the sounds of it, and she was going to make her poor cashier pay. The more she screamed the closer she brought me and Nosipho. It’s the small things. We greeted and wished each other a lovely day, and we had made each other a little happier, and the world a little more bearable.

And, after chatting to the barista who made my coffee, and after buying fresh herbs to plant in a pot, and after sticking my nose into a dress shop, I finally made my way to the basement to get my car. And then I fell in love with the guy there too. Perfect service, total care, special treatment and a divine attitude. I could have kissed him. I left with a huge smile on my face. Falling in love is easy, even at the Gardens Centre, on a Thursday.


The most lovely Alexander Bar

Lots of you will already know that The Alexander Bar and Cafe (and Upstairs Theatre) is the most fantastic place to have on the list of where to go in CT. It is central, only ever closed on Sundays, quirky and retro comfortable, the staff are awesome, the music eclectic, the furniture excellent and the drinks fabulous. It is also a terrific place to watch theatre. Small enough to be intimate but not compromised by that.

I have directed and performed there before, but doing Drive With Me there now has reminded me how brilliant it is to be a performer there. Nicholas and Edward are the most attentive, caring, active hosts. It also helps that they love theatre. Jono is the best venue manager and a master technician. The tiny space is well kitted out technically, and the stage is a performer’s dream.

It is the kind of place where magical theatre can, and does happen.

Voice Boot Camp

Attention all actors in Cape Town. There is no better way than Liz Mills’ extraordinary Voice Boot Camp to lift you up and throw you into a busy season. And, here are the details.

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 11.35.34 AM

Theatre of heart

I have written about my industrial theatre work before, but every time I start rehearsals it I am reminded of how awesome it is, and I get excited by the braveness of my clients, the creativity and commitment of the team I work with and the audience reach we get.

In SA we are not huge supporters of theatre. It is hard enough getting our friends and connections to support our work. Mostly our audiences are made up of repeat offenders. So, how extraordinary is it that for the past 8 years a petrol company has been providing live training and entertainment in the form of theatre?

Initially they took a huge risk. Doing a road show of this size and reach is very expensive and a massive organisational undertaking. But it paid off immediately because of the response of the petrol pump attendants, cashiers, dealers and management. And they have stuck with it because of the huge pay off. Service delivery improves every time we come around. Pump attendants and cashiers feel special and important and part of a huge team. They adore the performers and treat them like celebrities. And, where I get excited is that these audiences have become more and more theatre literate. They understand character, story and humour, send-up and satire. They have grown as we have grown. And we inform and are informed by each other.

So, we have just completed our second week of rehearsals and we had our first client viewing today. I can’t wait for this show to happen in front of my favourite, and biggest audiences of the year.

Cellini Luggage Shout Out

I seem always to complain about bad service, but here is a short praise post about Cellini Luggage and Luggage Warehouse who have behaved magnificently. I was so proud when I bought my red, ladybird Cellini suitcase for my months of travel. I packed it full (as I was instructed to do) and flew off to New York. Everything was fantastic. I felt like a travel queen. And then, on my return trip something happened after checking in again in Jozi. By the time my suitcase came around the carousel in Cape Town the zip had been completely mangled and the case was spilling open. I was devastated. Firstly, I had never spent that kind of money on a suitcase before, and secondly, I am only back home for a week before jetting off to Oz for a whole month and I need a case. I had my heart in my mouth when I took the case back to Luggage Warehouse in Access Park yesterday. They promised to get hold of the Cellini rep but were worried that it wouldn’t happen before Monday, and I felt that that was too close to the day of my next departure; Wednesday! And then at about 1.30pm I got the most relieving phone call from Luggage Warehouse. Cellini had offered to change the suitcase out. So I’ll pop off there this morning and pick up my new suitcase. I think this time I will also buy a thing I had never heard about until yesterday; a suitcase sleeve. Hmm. Anyway, Cellini, I completely love how you do business and how you protect your reputation. That is what quality is all about. Bravo. I am now totally brand loyal, after never having known a luggage brand in my life.

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