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Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards

The nominations for the Fleur du Cap theatre awards are going to be public this morning; in about an hour, so the idea of speculating is ridiculous, and yet! I have butterflies. Will Noah of Cape Town be nominated, and if yes, for what? How do you choose performers from an ensemble cast like that? Obviously I believe that Jaci de Villiers was the best director of the year (if not the decade) and Dicky Longhurst’s design was beyond spectacular and Mannie Manim’s lighting took the production into the stratosphere, but hey, I am a bit biased.

We’ll know at 9 this morning!

Noah – The end is nigh

I am feeling very weird this morning. There are two shows left tonight and then the run of Noah of Cape Town is done. I hope like mad that it will have a future and be seen elsewhere on South African stages, and the world. The truth is; I just don’t know how to make that happen. Generally, (and there are exceptions) us theatre makers are not great marketers and sellers of our product.

It’s weird to think that what has taken up most of my brain (and heart) for at least the past six months (not to mention the eight years leading up to it) will now be put on a kind of back burner while I focus on other things for a bit. Which is good. And scary. Because what if Noah of Cape Town doesn’t happen again? I think that will be a great pity.

So it’s with pride, confusion and a little sadness that I’ll watch the final show tonight and have drinks with the magnificent cast and crew afterwards.

Tonight’s the night

Noah pix smaller 077

Noah of Cape Town

Noah pix smaller 007

Pic by Giovanni Sterelli

Last word tonight

I have had one hell of a day. I was either screaming or crying, and every time I left the house I forgot something behind. Then we, Brett, Ryan and I did some improvised character based performance at the launch of the Alphen hotel’s new menu. It was quite fabulous actually; I was Dr James Barry. At events like these you hope you won’t know anyone and I was completely surprised by the sight of someone I didn’t really want to see. It was so weird playing with and to forty odd people and avoiding one.

So when I got to the Baxter too late for the first half of the first preview of Noah of Cape Town I had a glass of wine on an empty stomach, felt completely vulnerable and exhausted and went in to watch the second half, sitting next to the genius director Jaci de Villiers. And I wept. At times I actually struggled to control my sobs. I don’t care what anyone says; this show is mind blowing. I am humbled, awestruck, grateful and so proud. Thank you most beautiful and amazing cast and team of Noah of Cape Town 2009.

The Noah of Cape Town Set

I had to dash off to the rehearsal venue for a quick meeting and Jaci called us into the rehearsal space to “take a look”. She was dying for us to see the actors working with the set. Simon, Floss and I went in and it was like seeing another show, another level, another world, another possibility. I have to say, Jaci is a visionary. There is this huge metal hexagon that is steeply raked and made up of giant triangles, and everything is see through and… I could never begin to accurately explain. The actors are singing, while standing on this massive thing, while being spun around! I was awestruck and dumbfounded and excited and moved. Just you wait. Noah of Cape Town is coming. Just you wait!

Here is a picture of Walter, the production manager, helping to put the monster together.


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