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Celeb Survivor Santa Carolina

Ok, I am a huge Survivor fan, but this time I have a commitment! There is a celebrity someone who is also a friend and I have been beside myself with excitement. Go Gys de Villiers!!!!!!

I only watched the first SA Survivor, which I loved, and when I found out that there was a celebrity one and they were going it alone without Endemol I was properly keen.

So Wednesday was the first episode; not quite long enough for me to have loves and hates, but certainly enough to whet the appetite. And it looks totally hectic. I have to say, I can’t believe what a woesie Christina Storm was. What a complete banana. I mean, couldn’t she just wait to be voted off at least, instead of perching her teeny, spoilt bum on a boat and not looking back, as the rest of her team looked on in what I assume was disgust. What did she think it was going to be like? Camps Bay? Now I remember seeing her on celebrity The Weakest Link and I almost died when she got her first question wrong. It was a fashion question and it was, what do you call the fashion clothing item piece of cloth that you tie around your neck, beginning with S, and she said sarong! I kid you not. Needless to say, she was voted off that faster than I could recover.

Edit: I started writing this post last week, but I was in Jozi on fandamily business, which was a good thing, because I ended up spending some time with someone who had a bit of inside info on the series; and I got some lowdown. With Christina it’s worse than I thought. From the editing it looked like everything happened on the same day. Not. Christina left on the second day, and Garth, who did some serious damage to himself, lay on the beach until the fourth day. We all know that Survivor is edited into a coma. We know that someone can be the best and coolest person for the longest time, then the camera will catch them rolling their eyes, and that will be it, out lasting impression will be of so-and-so the eye roller. Also, it looked like these guys arrived, separated into teams, did a challenge (in which Gys was left high and dry on a turnstile, dammit) and then popped off to tribal council. We missed them building shelter, fetching water, being starving, trying to make fire. I am sure that already some of the contestants have been made to look like moegoes, and that’s editing for you too.

I think that because the production has decided to go it alone they could have stuck less rigidly to the existing formula; stretching it out, giving us more and making the first episode more interesting and less predictable. Here’s hoping. At least we didn’t have to listen to the old Survivor theme tune and stings!

One thing that bugs me about some of the contestants though, is their claim to celeb status. I’m not much of a celeb follower, but who are some of these people? I find it hard to see an Okkert Brits or a Ashleigh Hayden or a Louw Venter be criticised by someone going as a dj or something.

As you can see, I’m already hooked. Don’t ask me to go anywhere on Wednesday nights. I’ll be busy for the next two months or so.


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  1. Nicholas

    Loving it too. So interesting to hear the inside view too…

    Talking to gys after every episode is very win.

    Nice read 🙂

    power to editing!

  2. The Saint

    A dictionary definition of celebrity – “A person who has a high degree of recognition by the general population; a famous person”. A lot of South African so-called celebrities do not comply with this definition as they are not recognisable either generally in South Africa or in the wider world. In fact we have very few celebrities in this country and thus the media make them up. Madiba is one who is but, for example, Nadia Beukes [who?] isn’t.

  3. Jackson Brown

    That Gys guy is HOT!

  4. megan

    Aitch owe tea! HOT!

  5. JAY

    Dear THE SAINT, completely understand your point. But too correct you, Nadia Beukes IS well-known in the circles she moves in being a KYKNET market, she would never refer to herself as a celeb, not sure where you get your info from…South Africa is such a small country we don’t have celebrities, only well known personalities (depending on their respective markets of course).

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