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Charlie and the kittie whose name isn’t Sarah

We get new children tomorrow. Charlie and his sister are moving in. I saw them at the vet today. They were born in November and the vet’s receptionist has been fostering them. She has finally admitted the inevitable (she has too many animals and an old mom at home) and called me to come and check them out. I have left them at the vet today to get their shots and to allow the flea drops to work (my doggies are amazingly flea free!) and Big Friendly and I will go and fetch them tomorrow!


Do you Do you Do you wanna Dens?


Animal quota doubles in size


  1. Fiona du Plooy

    yay for you!
    have been on the brink of inviting you round for tea to meet my Felix and Rosie…i am completely in love besotted and adore my 2 little guys.
    best wishes for your new family, hope to see you soon!

  2. megan

    Yay! Pics will be up ASAP

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