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Coeria Steak Restaurant

When we were in that small town last week we stayed at the Coeria Steak Restaurant and Lodge. We arrived quite late on the Monday night and had dinner in the outside lapa. Just to give you an idea; the lamb shanks that three of our party ordered were the size of small children. The eaters looked like they were feasting with Obelix and Asterix. This pescetarian struggled. Anyway, I digress.

In my room (which was charming and modern and pretty and TINY) I found this amazing photocopy on the little table. It was a welcome and info letter. I brought it home to copy some of it.

“Also make sure all the electrical equipment are working. If any problems you can let one of the managers know immediately for us not charging you for something you did not break.”

Then, “We have gas geysers and to make sure you have hot water you must open both the shower and basin’s hot water tap for the flame to light. As soon as the hot water are running through you can close the one tap.”

And lastly, for comfort for overseas travellers, “We have international plugs available. If you need one you can book one to your room.”

Love it.


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  1. beilla gans

    Obelix and Asterix ? Pescatarian ? Whoops – gotta go Google it – ta, ta . See ya later.

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