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Comedy of Errors more likely

Graeme_Smith_AFP Rudy comments on yesterday’s entry, calling the cricket in the Windy City a Shakespearian comedy. I say it was a Comedy of Errors. The Poepteas were taken out by the Windies. A festival of gas! The poep captain, Graham Smith led his openers by example in a case of follow the leader, with tragic little scores. As Rudy pointed out, the tail enders Dale Steyn and Andre Nel did better with the bat than Smith and Gibbs did in BOTH innings.

Time for the winds of change!!!! I will be working flat out through the test here at Newlands and will miss out on the action (or lack thereof), but I am chilled by the possibility of another New Year’s defeat. 


Moving to Maynardville


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  1. Tante B

    My curiosity can be contained no longer so I feel compelled to voice a malodorous question. In my day, the word, excuse me, pardon, the expression , “POEPS” pardon the expression, was an absolute no, no. If anyone involuntarily “poepsed” (pardon the expression) The whole world stopped and everyone turned round and pointed to the miscreant and said accusingly (death penalty type voice) Hy het “GEPOEPS” !!!!!!! The victim wanted the earth to open up and swallow him – the Kimberley Mine hole was not big enough. Everyone knew that it was no way to win a maiden over.

    But today, here and now, you talk about the , pardon the expression, the Poepteas, and the Poep captain! and so on. Explain, please. My inquiring mind wants to know.

  2. megan

    You got it. Same implication. I am being very naughty and rude calling our National cricket side these disgusting things!

  3. Tante B

    Siestog! Vee you mond af! If that photo is representive, they’re gorgeous boeties.

  4. The ever observant Tante B got the hormonal aspect of our cricket team right – the captain is tall and strong, I assume he’ll get extra points from the crowd that loves the likes of High School Musical.

    So, the captain can advertise soap and deo’s effectively. Talking cricket (and this is true even after Smith’s very decent innings on day four of the Newlands test), Smith is a human version of a 420 litre Westinghouse fridge – tall and strong, cold and spacious but going ab-so-lutely nowhere. Sies tog.

  5. megan

    Hear, hear.

    You may have noticed a stony silence on my part after the last test win. I just couldn’t bring myself to muster up any enthusiasm for the game at all. To be honest, I had moments of wanting the Windies to win, just to make the thing more exciting. I suppose the good thing about a one all is that it makes the last test a bit more of a challenge for both teams. Unfortunately, without Gale, the Windies are in… pooh.

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