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Sometimes an unexpected tragedy can be what binds a group of people together. Very early yesterday morning we heard from one of the people who live in our little street that a couple two doors away were killed on Friday night. A bus ploughed into their car when they were only a few blocks away from home. They left behind a young teenage daughter. News spread fast and preparations were made for a speedy funeral, as is the Muslim custom. Big Friendly was asked to go and so he did.

He came back touched and emotional. He had also forged new friendships. Imagine how excited he was this morning; it being a Sunday, to have found out the when and where of a Sunday doughnut maker in the neighbourhood! Big friendly’s shweetie, the lady who used to make the ones Big Friendly used to get, isn’t making them any more and he has been miserable. This morning, armed with his tupperware and along with every tupperware bearing kid in the ‘hood, he went off and came back doughnut handed. They are littler than the ones we are used to, and more syrupy. Well, they were. We are doughnutted out and both on a bit of a sugar rush.

These are the small things that make me feel connected.

I am about to go off and do a technical rehearsal for the PANSA We All Benefit gig at The Baxter this afternoon. The proceeds are going to The Red Cross and an organisation that works with foreigners on a long term basis. Apparently the gig is already sold out. That also makes me feel pretty connected. Which feels ok.




Cone face no more!


  1. Josh Myers

    Hi Megan

    Am a big fan of your blog, theatresports and all things improv. Was just wondring why improv is such a stepchild in SA theatre? Will be in Cape Town in July and will def come check out the ‘sports. Sad that i will miss your annual course but maybe next time!

  2. megan

    Thanks Josh
    I think that improv is the retarded second cousin mainly because there has been a snob value attached to theatre and it still sticks. I know of actors who pull their nose up at the mention of improv. How long will you be here in July? We may be running a course then.

  3. dubbinc

    Here here Megan for your response to Josh. And what a wonderful thought this particular
    ‘community’ entry is!

  4. Josh Myers

    Maybe ? Maybe? I hope it will turn into definitely! If you ‘re going to run a course I’ll be there with bells on! Will be there from July 8th -July 23rd

  5. megan

    please go to the website and sign up for our newsletter. Then you will get the dates for the new course (which are still to be confirmed).

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