Come Dine With Me on BBC Lifestyle. I am completely hooked. It is hilarious, embarrassing, fly-on-the-wall reality TV that has captured me. In every show four strangers hold dinner parties for each other and score each other’s attempts in a competition for a money prize. It’s often the most unlikely combinations of people who get bitchy, lovey dovey, rude, pompous, sycophantic, and completely ridiculous, particularly in their own kitchens. I love seeing their menus and what they try to prepare. I love seeing their houses. I love noticing their class, manners, and how drunk they get; by the time they have to score they are often beyond able to speak! The best part is the guy who does the voice overs; he is ridiculous and brilliant. So, don’t phone me on weekdays at 1830, I’ll be watching Come Dine With Me.