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confession of a theatre lapse

It’s been weeks since my last review. I have seen nothing live on stage for absolute ages. I have no plans to see anything soon. I am not keeping my word to you. I suppose I’ll drag myself and Big Friendly off to see SUIP next week. I’ve seen it twice before, in previous incarnations but with the same cast, so ‘fresh and original’ are words that don’t describe it for me. Don’t get me wrong. SUIP is a brilliant script brilliantly directed by Heinrich Reisenhofer and brilliantly performed by the cast. It just feels like it gets pulled out, dusted off and thrown onto stage a little too often.

I suppose I could drag myself (can’t imagine that Big Friendly will even consider joining me) to the latest version of Fiela se Kind, although the horrifying experience of Fiela – the Musical still rings in my ears.

Just to make sure I wasn’t missing out on anything else, I have just flipped onto Artscape’s website. Its byline is ARTSCAPE – At the cenre of creative excellence. This is what’s on the What’s On page. Casper de Vries – Mondig – ‘n Splinternuwe vertoning vir alle Casperane 13 – 26 Nov 2007. That’s in NOVEMBER!! Then there is a really exciting offering from the CLAREMONT DRAMATIC SOCIETY!!!! At ARTSCAPE!!!

Naa. I’ll stay home and sleep in front of the cricket.


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  1. Meagan: I would challange you to come see the show Suip! now. New cast additions and a developed perspective on a current and worsening crisis in Cape Town. Its been 5 years since the last Suip!- tell me if you think its just a rehash of the same thing ‘dusted off and jthrown onto stage’- Heinrich Reisenhofer

  2. megan

    I accept the challenge. Of course I will come. This week.

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