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conversation with mi familia

Megan: Boet? You called?

Boet: Ja. What time is your show?

Megan: Hey?

Boet: What time is your opening on Sunday?

Megan: 6pm, why?

Boet: And how long is it?

Megan: Hey?

Boet: How long is it? How long does it go on for?

Megan: One hour and twenty minutes. Why?

Boet: mumble mumble plus mumble mumble and …ok so you’ll be done at 7.20 and the mumble mumble

Megan: Hey?

Boet: No, you’ll be finished way before the rugby starts! We’re coming!

Megan: No way? From Jozi?

Boet: You swear you’ll be done in time for the rugby?

Megan: Ja!

Boet: We’re coming

How lucky am I? Hey? Hey?


Getting closer


A preview lightbulb moment!


  1. The Saint

    This has nothing to do with the opening which I can’t get to [unless you think the show is OK for an 11 year old and won’t freak him ??] but has everything to do with the many and varied outporings that come from the head and pen [keyboard] of Megan covering things from intimate uxorious matters to well deserved theatre klaps but elicting not a lot of comments. Saffers [the name coined on for South Africans] don’t seem to want to comment in public a lot. Why’s that. Anyway my mission is now to comment on every post on this blog from now on until the blog is overwhelmed by everyone else joining and hope that this encourages Megan to continue writing. Come on okes and okesses – then go to and comment there as well [sorry can’t resist a little marketing !!]

  2. megan

    The show IS ok for an 11 year old who likes theatre. It is dark and a bit scary but not rude. Thank you for commenting Saint. I love hearing from you!

  3. The Saint

    Thank you. Going back to your piece “Interesting but Scary” a few weeks ago, “when I woke up this morning” Bill Gates was, or rather had been, on my computer – surreptitiously and uninvited. By this I mean that during the night, Microsoft had dialled up my computer, updated some “important security” thingees, shut my computer down and re-started it. Apart from the fact that the last thing I felt like this morning was making my computer actually work [the restarting only takes it so far and then passwords and things kick in and then it hung and then it got muddled and so on and my jaded presence early this morning did not feel like this], I couldn’t help wondering if this is not “Big Brother” taken to another level. No screens on the wall with instructions – just quietly gooi-ing things on your computer. I have no idea what it is and don’t know if I can find out and delete/unistall it if I don’t like it. Shouldn’t Mr Gates ask my permission and please don’t tell me that I can set some button so that updates are not automatic – shouldn’t they ask first ???? Am I paraniod ??? The question as John le Carre once wrote “is not whether I am paranoid but whether I am paranoid enough??”
    Oh well I don’t know. How’s Circus going ?

  4. megan

    Hectic. We have our first audience tonight. Yowzer. You have a good one too this eve. I’m going to send you something on facebook re: the above.

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