How many times have you heard someone self righteously proclaim to you that you need to back up your stuff on your computer? It produces a special kind of guilt that’s almost reckless. I imagine it to be a bit like having unsafe sex, with that combination of ‘it will never happen to me’ stupidity and ‘I know it’s wrong and I’ll do it soon, I promise’.

Now I come from a completely different place because Big Friendly is in my life. He actually has backed up my stuff! Not recently enough though to have everything though when my hard drive crashed on Tuesday.

What a weird feeling this is; the half-life of missing writing, records, admin, email, photos, notes, lists, tax, press releases, and especially the things I haven’t thought of yet. It’s like being burgled. You can see the obvious is missing; the TV and DVD are gone, but it’s only later that you discover that the burglars took your passport and reading glasses.

After the shock and sick feeling goes, you just get on with your life, and, it’s possible. Some stuff is gone forever, other stuff can be sent back to you, and it is also a great time to purge and cleanse. There has been stuff on this laptop that I haven’t opened or looked at in years.