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Crazy Games

I was at my local having a very long and delicious chat about life, work, kids (hers), dogs (ours), vets (shared) politics (ours and theirs) and history (personal and global)with an interesting and amazing somebody, when we bumped into lekker and super funny guy Kurt Schoonraad and both of us wanted to talk and laugh about Kurt’s new TV job presenting Crazy Games with Rob van Vuuren. Big Friendly and I caught a bit of an episode on TV and we almost sobbed with laughter. 11 It’s a most bizarre game competition live show where teams compete by doing the strangest physical challenges. I didn’t see a whole show but I almost died of laughter when the contestants, two at a time, dressed in Dassie suits had to row, run, go on a conveyor belt to catch a big foam worm and then jump into a hole in a pink moving mountain thinggy and then end by waving the worm through another hole. I can’t explain. It is the funniest thing ever. Apparently the show has become a huge success. Try and catch it. It’s on on Saturdays on SABC2. What a lag!

Here’s a pic of Kurt I stole from his website.




It’s a dog’s life!


  1. Andrie

    Fo sure. Crazy games back on the tele !!!
    Showing on SABC 19:30 on Thursday evenings.
    The funniest tv show I have seen in my life. I have just fell on the floor laughing again at people in the most outrageous outfits, performing the craziest tasks to earn points for their teams in this ” suikerkaskenade ” ish tipe game show thingiemagiek
    You have to see this

    Just watch it !!!!

  2. megan

    Yay! Thanks for teling me that it’s back! I’ll watch out for it. It is properly hilarious.

  3. claudia

    its really funny… laugh till you cry! hehe

  4. claudia

    and by the way… i cant find the website of the show

  5. crazy game it’s rocking,it’s the funniest game,n u know wat, guys u r all intelligent n i encourage u to keep it up,coz there are 100 000th people who r watching it. when it’s thursday i’m wheighting for crz game with empty stomach coz i know dat it’s a laughing time,i’ll laugh n laugh till m getting full.hey guys truly u r funny no 1 can compete with u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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