Spurred on by my boet’s harsh criticism that Big Friendly and I were not proper cricket supporters because we didn’t wake up at four am to watch the first test, Big Friendly set the alarm for one thirty this morning and we literally stumbled out of bed and onto the couches to watch. Needless to say, by two am I was snoring and stiff necked on the couch and I dragged myself to bed, joke over. When I woke up at six, with a throbbing headache, Big Friendly was still watching and I joined him for the next coupla hours. And they were quite exciting, and it feels like the Poeps are in control. I hope that the tail doesn’t wag us again and we can clean up early tomorrow. I want to see what the boys are going to be like with their willows. But tomorrow I’ll just wake up early and take me chances. It’s going to be a long, windy, hard, exhausting day today.