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Damn Cricket

Big Friendly and I watched and listened to most of the damn cricket yesterday with that special sinking feeling reserved for the Proteas in a world cup scenario. And I have a conspiracy theory brewing that is round about the same size as the Hansie saga. They threw the game. It is the only explanation that I can come up with for what seemed to have happened.

Obviously, things go wrong on the day. That’s cricket. But when it is a long list of terrible I get that Hansie feeling. Bad and unlucky batting can happen to any team on any day, but really AB, what were you saving yourself for in the batting innings? And then please explain the Morkel over that killed us when clearly the spinners were up for doing the job?

I listened with growing dismay to radio 2000 as Peter Kirsten got more and more emotional about the bad decisions and their results. Eish, that loss hurt. And the worst part is that it’s all too familiar in a world cup scene.


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  1. hopefully just getting it out of the way before the important ones… but ja bowling seemed a weird decision… great to see Duminy a lot more consistent these days…

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